Dr. Matthew Platt, DC

Dr. Matthew Platt, DC

Dr. Matthew Platt, DC

Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. Matthew Platt was born and raised in the small town of Early, IA. Growing up he was a very active child and involved in multiple sports including wrestling, football, baseball, golf, track, etc. During one baseball season he was faced with a low back injury which left him unable to participate. His mother then took him to their family chiropractor, a Gonstead doctor, for the first time. With such a fast recovery and coming back stronger than ever, he decided that he too wanted to impact other peoples’ lives in that way. In today’s world most, if not all, professional teams now have chiropractors on staff because it has been shown to increase sports performance.

Chiropractic is a career that offers a sense of achievement, personal freedom, and most importantly satisfaction. The satisfaction of knowing chiropractic aids patients in leading healthier and more enjoyable lives. There are many factors that determine your overall health so Dr. Platt addresses your skeletomuscular issues but also takes your overall health into consideration to provide advice for true total wellness.

Dr. Platt graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in June, 2012 where he was awarded with a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic. His work experience includes years of chiropractic care as a doctor in Washington, Iowa and Kentucky. He also spent time in an outreach clinic and participated in a clinic abroad trip to Salvador, Brazil where free care was administered to the less fortunate.

Grad school provided him with the confidence, leadership skills, and ability to effectively communicate with all types of people of all ages. He has continued his extensive post graduate training with Gonstead doctors focusing on spinal correction and how to efficiently run a positive and upbeat office. Furthermore, Dr. Platt works well independently, but loves even more being able to team up and work with other health-minded professionals.

Why Chiropractic?

Even as a child I believed that I was “adjusting” my parents by walking on their backs. Once I realized what chiropractic had to offer and its true health benefits I was hooked!

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