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Beauty From Within

Good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining healthy and attractive skin. Getting the best nutrition you can is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Indeed, though it is impossible to prevent the process of ageing skin, good nutrition can help maintain an attractive complexion.


Health and Wellness for your Body & Mind

The human body is a wonderful, amazing thing. It was created with “pressure maps” on the feet, hands, and ears that mimic the shape of the whole body. Touching and applying pressure to these areas can result in health benefits in the related parts of the body. Read more

Skin Care

All About Collagen

Collagen is a protein – a large biological molecule – that makes up about 25 to 35% of all the proteins in our body. It’s mostly found in connective tissue; things like tendons, muscle and skin. Collagen benefits the skin by rejuvenating it.  Collagen is what makes our skin elastic, firm. Read More

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Best Spa in Woodinville and on the Eastside. For the best skin care for every type of skin enroll in the monthly VIP package. You will love the results.

Cheryl Davis
Cheryl DavisValuable Client

Going to this spa is life-changing! The staff and the owner are amazing. The spa provides much more than just facials.... this is truly a holistic wellness experience!

Erika Ferreri
Erika FerreriValuable Client

I am very pleased to say that my results far exceeded my expectations; that is saying a lot since my expectations seemed quite “top bar”. Not only were my results beyond perfect, but the service I received was even better! Luba was a very kind and genuine person, who’s knowledge in this area helped ease my mind and trust that she knew exactly what she was doing, and that I had absolutely nothing to fear whatsoever.

Manuela Carp
Manuela CarpValuable Client

I’ve gone to a few different spas in the area, but nothing compared to Serenity Bliss Holistic Spa. I had a lymph drainage and wrap and felt amazing after. Definitely want to do the membership. While in the wrap, we discussed my acne issues that I’ve had for years, but I have hope now that it will all go away. I have a peel appointment set up and I can’t wait for the future of my skin. I’ve gone to dermatologist and doctors and no one paid more attention to me and made me feel excited like the lady I had today. She is very knowledgeable and amazing. 100% recommend to anyone. So relaxing and great atmosphere.

Lindsay Dye
Lindsay DyeValuable Client

Very happy with the care taken during my visit for an eyebrow wax. Won't go anywhere else from now on! It is nice to see someone's passion be their work!

Kara Neuman
Kara NeumanOffice Manager, Valuable client
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