Svetlana Shchavinskaya

Svetlana Shchavinskaya

Svetlana Shchavinskaya

Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Bodybuilder

I have always had a heart for people and helping others achieve their goals. There isn’t anything quite like seeing someone persevere and achieve something that they have been working towards. I grew up playing sports and being an active person. All throughout high school and college I was an active athlete. Sport has always been my passion.

At 19 year old I got into modeling, had to loose a lot of weight (including muscle) to be compatible with the camera, that resulted in hurting my metabolism and sacrifice muscle ( little that I had) it took year of ups and downs of yo-yoing with weight gain, weight loss, until I discovered bodybuilding!

Today, I am a Professional Bodybuilder IFBB FIGURE PRO. I was able to apply my knowledge and experience in nutrition along with customized exercises, to change and correct not only my body composition but most importantly my metabolism. With my knowledge in nutrition and exercise programming at all levels of fitness, I have helped hundreds of people reach their goals. I like to take a total body approach to working out, with emphasis on a certain muscle group per session. Come train with me and learn proper technique, build upon your skills, and increase overall sports performance all while leading a better, healthier life!


    • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer