EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation)

The device is non-invasive, safe and painless, with no need for recovery period after the treatment. Muscles account for about 35% of the body and most slimming devices on the market only focus on fat.

EMS machine uses high-intensity focused magnetic resonance and focused unipolar radio frequency technology to train muscles and permanently destroy fat cells. The focus of magnetic vibration energy stimulates motor neurons to continuously expand and contract muscles to achieve high frequency extreme training. While the radio frequency of 40.68mhz releases heat to heat and burn fat, heating muscles at the same time to increase the contraction force, double stimulation of muscle proliferation, and improve the body’s blood circulation and metabolic rate, while maintaining a comfortable temperature sense during the course of treatment. It combines two types of energy deep into the muscle and fat layers, strengthening muscle, firming skin and burning fat for a perfect triple effect.

This type of contraction cannot be achieved by your usual exercise or fit exercise. 30 minutes of use with the EMS machine is equivalent to 30000 times of muscle contraction, so that you can easily lie down to build muscles and reduce fat.

This diagram is a before, during and after of the muscles using EMS machine.

Along with muscle tightening, there are other benefits such as:

  • Reducing chronic pain of muscles and joints
  • Helping blood circulation
  • Protecting the safety of uterus, intestine and other organs
  • Reducing high blood pressure