Permanent Makeup

In an industry flooded with new procedures, we must insure that health and safety are never compromised. Washington State currently requires ZERO training to tattoo someone’s face! That is simply not good enough for us! We feel our clients deserve a thoroughly trained and knowledgeable artist. Galina, our Permanent Makeup Artist, proudly provides medically hygienic procedures with the utmost concern and care spent insuring my clients safety. She takes a precautionary approach, always opting for safe and tested solutions to all clients needs.

PowderBrows is eyebrow shading technique performed with permanent make-up machine using the combination of dots and shading to achieve a very natural, soft powder, pixel effect.

PowderBrows technique involves filling in or thickening of areas with a soft or darker color which varies in transparency. As opposed to creating microblading hairline strokes from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin gradually, ensures there are no harsh edges and shading makes the look slightly softer.

Benefits of permanent eyeliners

With all the buzz about eyebrows, let’s not forget what they frame – the eyes.
Do you spend precious time each day trying to get the perfect application of your eyeliner only to have it smudge by mid-morning? Do your eyes water, itch or turn red and become irritated from makeup? Do you have difficulty seeing without your glasses to apply your eyeliner? Do you live an active lifestyle but still want to look great at all times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution.

Permanent eyeliner not only looks fabulous every day, it is also a great time saver. You can face the day with confidence or get up and go out without feeling bare faced even if you don’t apply any other makeup. Permanent eyeliner eliminates smudging and sensitivity issues. No more irritation, redness or itching.

Enjoy your outdoor activities, including swimming, running, sweating and never worry about your eyeliner running down your cheeks or looking like a raccoon. Be the girl who looks fabulous at the pool or camping!
Save time and money on makeup with permanent eyeliner. Eyeliner, whether it be subtle or bold, demure or dramatic, enhances every woman’s eyes. It can be an expression of personal style, glamorous, or extremely natural.

What is Lip Blush?

Permanent Makeup done with a digital tattoo machine that will give you the look of a lip tint. Lip Blush can also
correct color or shape issues as well. Requires a mandatory perfecting session 6-8 weeks later. Please note, some clients may require more than one perfecting session to achieve desired results.

Approx.150 min.